Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Closer Look at Ryan's Make-A-Wish Vist and the August Producer's Letter

So band camp has started and my posts will become less frequent but I will continue to do my best and keep this blog as up to date as possible.

First off is a “more in-depth look at Ryan "The Relentless" Tucker's Make-a-Wish visit to KingsIsle to be an Honorary Producer for the day at KingsIsle Entertainment” –KI post on Facebook. Here is the link to the YouTube video. Ta da! Ryan looks so happy and near the end I was holding back tears. Words cannot express what a wonderful thing KingsIsle did for Ryan. Watch this video everyone, it is very touching and will make your day! :)

Second is the August producer’s letter.
Now here is my usual reaction to the monthly producer’s letter:

“Oh, another producer’s letter… Do I want to read it this month? I don’t know… Usually it just recaps everything and I already know all that happened this month…”

Well this month I read it and I’m glad I did!

Here are some quotes from the letter:

Want to change up your ‘do? We’ve released some new Hairstyles! You can find even more new (but familiar) ones as rewards from boss duels, which will be coming soon to the Crown Shop! We’ve got lots of fun and funky ideas for future ones, so stay tuned if you’re looking for a particular style.”

I love the new hairstyle feature! I personally pay attention to the art and story of the game more than anything else so having hairstyles is a great addition! Also if you really read that quote, it says there are new hairstyles already! But they are only drops right now. I wonder which bosses drop them…

New world themed furniture sets (there are more of these to come)!”

This new feature wiped out all of my wizard's banks and they are still recovering! :) It sounds like I need to start saving up again.

Near the end of the letter are some hints as to what is to come.

·         Our 5th birthday will bring a major flashback for our earliest players, but with a twist – not to mention a lot of fun for everyone.

·         Something new and spooky this way comes -->

·         What you find in the next major world after Azteca will rock Wizard101, and things will never be the same

That arrow at the end of the second bullet point? Yep it points to this picture.

It’s nice to see one of those “I wonder what’s in there” areas being used. :)
Here's a link to the producer's letter so you can read everything that our wonderful producer, Leah Ruben, had to day this month! Ta da!

Have a fantastic week everyone!


See ya in the game!

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