Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Thoughts on Aquila

Hey everyone!

My thoughts on Aquila? It’s awesome! I have next to no negative things to say about this new expansion.

The artwork is awesome!
The storyline is awesome!
The rewards I’m sure are awesome! (If they ever drop for me) :)
Seeing tons of players in one area again with a single goal in mind is definitely awesome!
The hidden bosses are awesome!
Did I mention that the artwork is awesome?

Here are some screen shots I took over the past couple of days:


Here's what Halston Balestorm had to say to me when I logged on the morning of the update. The vice over for this was funny, he sounded very excited.
Here is the final boss battle in on Mount Olympus. Again, the artwork is amazing! :)
Personally the artwork in Atlantea isn't as fantastic but I was able to snap this neat picture at the end of the dungeon.
I'm not quite level 90 yet so Tartarus will have to wait for now but I have seen pictures and watched videos and the dungeon looks epic! 
The other updates such as deck renaming and item locking are very useful updates that I enjoy having. Remember that to use item lock you have to turn it on from the options tab in your spell book!
Are you enjoying the new update?
See ya in the game!


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