Friday, March 26, 2010

New Stuff!

Ok, I know it’s a couple days late but there was a press release for wizard101 that I’m pretty sure all of you have heard about but in case you didn’t here is what it said.

Upcoming Wizard101 Expansions Include Seventh World and New Pet Capabilities

New world, advanced pet system and level cap increase included in two Wizard101 content updates

PLANO, TEXAS (March 24, 2010) – KingsIsle Entertainment, creators of the award-winning massively multiplayer online game (MMO) Wizard101 is proud to announce details on two of the major content updates for 2010. An extensive Advanced Pet system is launching this spring and the world of Celestia is launching late summer. In addition to all new quests the Celestia expansion will also include an increased level cap and new secondary schools of magic.

Coming this spring, players will have the opportunity to hatch customized pets from millions of potential combinations. The Advanced Pet system will bring a new dimension of interaction within Wizard101 as players can race their pets in the expansive Pet Derby, participate in new pet-themed minigames, feed and train them, and use them as allies in magic duels. Players will be able to level their pets from an egg to ancient beings with incredible powers.

The new world of Celestia is inspired by Atlantis, and young Wizards will encounter new adventures and quests deep under the sea. Celestia also increases the level cap in Wizard101 from level 50 up to level 60, as well as introducing three new secondary schools of magic. Celestia will officially open in late summer. Starting in June players can undertake new quests to discover the secrets of this new world and begin to unlock the story behind Celestia.

“2010 is shaping up to be an incredible year for the students of Ravenwood School of Magic,” said J. Todd Coleman, Vice President and Creative Director for KingsIsle Entertainment. “Whether exploring the underwater kingdom of Celestia, or hatching and training pets to participate in the Pet Derby, every player–from the newest apprentice to the returning grandmaster–will find something compelling, engaging and fun.”

Wow that’s long, but so awesome! The thing I can’t wait for is the new magic schools but unfortunately it just said secondary schools. The only thing I really don’t like right now is the level cap raise, but that’s just because Vanessa is so close to being a grandmaster and I can just imagine that the day before they do the update for the level cap raise Vanessa gets to grandmaster so the next day once again she will have to start leveling up again. But in the long run it will keep everyone busy for a wile.

So to go on to Celestia, it sounds really cool and it is going to be under water and an Atlantis theme. It says all new adventures so obviously new world, new quests. I just wonder what those quests are going to be about. I wonder if they’ll continue with malistaire or do something entirely different.
Now, the whole pet thing I’m not sure about yet, I mean it sounds really cool but I’m just wondering how there going to help us in combat. Also it says you get to feed them and that scares me a little because what if you forget to feed your pet, will it die, or will it just stop growing? I hope it will just stop growing because I don’t think my pet would live very long then lol. But overall it sounds… different. I can’t wait for the test realm to open so I can try out all this new stuff.
As for Vanessa and all my alts, nothing much is going on but my goal now is that Vanessa gets to grandmaster level before the update, which brings up another question, what will come after grandmaster, mega-grandmaster? That wasn’t a very good idea but if you have any better ones, leave me a comment.

See ya in the game!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Once again there isn’t much going on for me, Vanessa is stuck at the Tower of War because I’m too lazy to fill up my potion bottles right now so she’s waiting until (A) someone will help me or (B) I fill up the potion bottles and try and get through it. By the way if anyone knows how many floors the Tower of War has, please tell me so I know how long it will take. Personally I don’t think anyone will know off the top of their heads but if you do could you please leave a comment. The Tower of War is in Dragonspyre in the plaza of conquests and it’s part of The Art of War quest.(in case you were wondering) But anyway the reason for my title of this post is if any of you are wondering what it looks like to have wings and not see wings and just see sparkles well…

That’s what it looks like. It’s pretty cool but I still like seeing the wings. On another subject the $60 special is back! This happens about every month or so, so it’s not huge news unless your subscription is running out. That’s about it; I still have a boatload of homework to do so…

See ya in the game!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wizard 101 Announcement

If you haven’t seen it yet here is what is on the Wizard 101newsletter.

The thing that caught my eye is that if you didn’t notice the pet in third place is a crab and on his sash is the word Celestia.

What could this mean? I really don’t know but my guess is maybe our pets get to take us to Celestia instead of the usual world door, but that’s just a guess. Also the pet is a crab, so maybe some people will get their wish of having an underwater world. (I’ve seen a lot of posts like that) Again, just a guess.

As for me right now… I made it to Dragonspyre!!!!!!

There I am in my new outfit I bought (I’m waiting to get more gold so I can dye the outfit black and blue) standing next to Professor Drake and the portal key button you press to go to Dragonspyre.

It is so fun finally being in Dragonspyre and I can’t wait to get to level 50. (just 5 more levels!)

See ya in the game!