Friday, June 11, 2010

New Story

First: School’s out! My last day was yesterday and I’m pretty sure my school was the last one to get out this year but it’s still pretty cool knowing I have countless hours of playing Wizard 101 ahead of me, *sigh*

Second: I had decided to write a little story (ok maybe not so little) about Wizard 101. I’m not done with it yet but since the story is about the spiral, I thought I would post it on my blog. I’ve been having so much fun with this that the prologue alone takes up a page on a word document, lol. The story is about twin sisters and their adventures in the spiral. This story is in first person and takes place in three different "minds", so I wrote whomever’s "mind" it was next to the chapter (or in this case the prologue).
I hope you enjoy this story as much as I have.

*No title yet*

Prologue- Vanessa Iceblood

 I stood in the commons by Penny Dreadful who never seemed to move from that spot next to the headmaster’s house.

             “Are you sure?” Penny asked doubtfully.

             “Yes,” I sighed. “I’m sure. Will you do me a favor though?” Penny nodded. “Take care of Duke Dakota for me will you?” Penny nodded again, Duke Dakota, a cute little firezilla pet, stomped his feet and roared.

              Penny and I laughed, “As long as he isn’t a Cyclops disguised as a firezilla I’ll take him.” Penny laughed again even though it sounded off; everyone in Wizard City knew that Penny was allergic to Cyclops.

              What was all this drama about? Well, I was going home. I had defeated monsters, learned a lot about ice magic and even a little death magic too. I even became a Master of Ice. I had traveled the spiral and defeated Malistaire who was threatening to destroy Wizard City and even the whole spiral.

               I saved the spiral and I even had the help of my great friends along the way too. But now I was ready to go home. I had done what I was supposed to do and learned all that I needed to learn and now it was time for me to go home. I said goodbye to Penny and even some of my other friends like Fallon Scar. Fallon Scar was new to Wizard City but I had been her friend from the start. Other people said goodbye to me too, even people I didn’t even know, it was sad when a fellow wizard decided to go home but it was the wizard’s choice.

              Headmaster Ambrose came out of his house and said, “Ok Vanessa, we’re all ready.” Merle walked me through a door on the side of his house which led us into the spiral room. There was a copy of the spiral in the middle of the room with all the worlds swirling around. Gamma, the headmaster’s pet, was sitting on his perch as usual.

              “Are you ready Vanessa?” Gamma said looking unsure. It seemed that Gamma didn’t want me to leave either.

              NO! I thought desperately, but then mentally sighed and said, “Yes, I am.”

              It was true; I didn’t really want to leave. But I still felt like it was time for me to leave. It felt like it was time that someone took over; maybe it was going to be Fallon… or some other student. But either way I was going home. Merle told me to stand under the spiral and close my eyes, when I did Merle said some magic words and… poof! 


               I cautiously opened my eyes and I was back home in my room. I was on Earth again! My room looked the same, nothing had changed. I could tell something was wrong though. The annoying clock on my wall that always kept me up at night had stopped ticking. It can’t be broken, I thought.  Then, when I looked at the date on the computer and gasped. It was the same day, the day I was teleported to Wizard City to learn to be a wizard. But I had been gone for over a year! Then it occurred to me that time was just frozen and before I could panic again my clock stared ticking and I could hear my father down stairs yelling into his phone.

                Then I heard my mother say “Vanessa, dinner’s ready!”

                I ran down to dinner, to my family, to home.


               Vanessa lived like that for years, she grew up and when she was 22 and about to finish college, she was moving into a new house and she found her spell book in a dusty old box. Ambrose did this. Vanessa thought and she laughed to herself and put the book back into the box. Little did she know that that book and her twin 13 year old nieces were the beginnings of a way back to Wizard City and a new adventure all together.

See ya in the game!