Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wizard101 Story Chapter Three

Chapter 3 - Vanessa
           “Maria… Sophia? Time for dinner!” I called. No response. I hadn’t heard Maria throw a fit for half an hour so something was either very good or very bad. “Maria?” I tried again. I headed up the stairs. “Please tell me that you didn’t try to stuff your sister down the laundry chute again. I thought you two grew out of that kind of-”
            I expected something to be wrong, but not to this extent. The ladder that unfolds and leads into the attic was down and I saw a faint light coming from it. I climbed the ladder quickly and found a flashlight shining onto an empty cardboard box… and no girls.
            I picked up the flashlight and used it to search the attic for any evidence as to where my nieces were hiding. But once the light found my spell book open on the floor I knew the girls weren’t hiding at all.
            It had been years since I had let myself look at the yellowed pages of the spell book that Headmaster Ambrose had given me when I was my nieces’ age. The spiral on the front still glowed with the magic that enchanted the book. I flipped through the pages that still told me my school, level, health, accuracy, etc. When I flipped to the page that contained a map of Wizard City I saw that the commons button had been recently used as the timer was still counting down from sixty.
            Dread filled me. I closed my eyes and tried hard not to panic. I should have never of kept my spell book. Especially since I had two curious kids in my house. I waited for the timer to finish counting down to zero and without a moment’s hesitation I touched the commons button and felt myself plunge through the spiral.
            I landed on my feet with no problem. Like riding a bike I thought to myself. To say that something had changed would be an understatement. Of course things were just as bright and happy as they had been when I left but if you asked me there were at least twice as many kids and adults running around the commons. Wizard City had become popular. It wasn’t just that though. When I looked out across the pond I saw a new tunnel leading to who knows where. Before I could try to make out the words that were written above the tunnel I was almost run over by a lamb with a… was that a rickshaw?
            “Sorry!” The wizard who was in the rickshaw yelled back at me as he disappeared into the Ravenwood tunnel. What had happened around here when I was gone?
             Maria and Sofia were still my priority and thankfully Headmaster Ambrose’s office hadn’t seemed to have moved since I’d left. I made my way past shouting wizards and vendors who had spilled out from the Shopping District looking for some poor wizard to sell their cheap goods to (everyone knew that if they wanted to find anything good they went to the Bazaar). The noise was familiar and yet completely strange. The sounds of pet dragons and piggles reminded me of mid-day classes when our pets would get hungry and didn’t want to listen to Professor Greyrose drone on about the different types of snowflakes. But the increased noise threw me off. This wasn’t the home I had lived in for a year when I was a kid. When I approached the door to Headmaster Ambrose’s office I didn’t hesitate to open the door and much to my relief when I opened the door I found not only Headmaster Ambrose and my old ice professor but also Sofia and Maria.
             “Uh oh,” Maria said.
             “Vanessa?” Ambrose asked.
             “Sophia,” I sighed. “Why are you all wet?”
Another short chapter, sorry! Have a fantastic day!
See ya in the game!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Poll Results and No Aquila for Me

Hello everyone!


In my most recent poll I asked if you played Wizard101 with your real life friends and family. The results came back with the answer “I love to play with my family but my friends have no interest” having the majority of the votes. I was surprised that no one had both their friends and family playing the game. Personally though I just play with friends and whomever else I happen to meet in the spiral.

For the next poll question I’m wondering what the best astral school is and why? It’s always fun to hear the debates about which school is better. You can answer the second part of the question in the comments below. If I get comments from each point of view I’ll mention them in the results post and maybe then we can see which school is the best!


On to more depressing news. Vanessa or any of her relatives cannot venture into Aquila right now. My computer decided to be difficult and won’t download the test realm. :( Thankfully KI is looking for the root of the problem as we speak. Hopefully I can post about this new expansion in the near future, but right now all I can comment on is the update notes.

First is the featured update, Aquila. I’m really glad there isn’t another level cap raise so I don’t have to rush Vanessa through the rest of Azteca. It's not fun to play the game when your only goal is to rush through content only to be met with more content.

Second, new minions! I’m not sure how I feel about this. I was never a fan of minions in the first place so I wonder if these are supposed to be super sophisticated minions like the henchmen.

Third, you can now lock your items. Yay! This was never a huge problem for me but I know it was for a lot of wizards out there and so it’s nice to see that KI has a solution.

And now for my favorite update… You can name your decks! I’ve wanted something like this for a while now. I would always forget which deck was which, especially if it was a wizard I hadn’t played for a while. I’m also a fan a labeling so it’s nice that my decks can be a little more organized now. :)

There are also lots of miscellaneous updates including something that's going on in the Dragonspyre library...
I hope everyone had a fantastic week and enjoys the new expansion once it goes live!

See ya in the game!

Monday, July 8, 2013

It's My Wizardversary!

It's hard to believe that it's been exactly four years since I started playing Wizard101. Since then I've made so many different friends, made a blog, and have been able to enjoy the game along with literally millions of other players. :)

In other news I wanted to share some screen shots that I took that each have their own story.

PVP Tournaments

Here's the pic of the first pvp tournament that I watched. There was a lot of people. The next day I decided to try out tournaments for myself but there was a problem. What was the problem you ask?

Yeah, I'm supposed to be in that battle. My internet connection decided to disconnect right when the tournament started. On the bright side the other team was also down to two so it was a fair match (but my team still lost that round). Thankfully I was able to jump into the next round. :)

Unfortunately the other team had only two players so we won by a landslide and the same thing happened in the next round. Out fourth round we were put up against three other players and were beaten before we could say "oh no". That tournament landed my team and I in 6th place. I tried again a couple days later and was a bit luckier.

Yeah, we creamed the competition and got a boatload of arena tickets.

I believe the trophy could use a little work KI. I imagined it being a little... bigger. It's smaller than some of my gold bought trophies that I put no effort into getting and I don't know about the rest of you but I think the trophies (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) should be at least a little bit bigger than the crowns shop trophies. What do you think?

Hey look! It's Christina Icedreamer from Ravenwood Radio! Hey look! A random screenshot of Diego I had no intention of taking but there it is!
Other Screenshots
Here's a neat screen shot I took of Scarlet. I liked it so much that's its my wallpaper now. :)

*Gasp!* It's Vanessa's evil myth twin!
So I hope everyone is having a fantastic day and a fantastic summer! I'll be back soon to post some more helpful hints, thrilling stories, and epic screenshots. Until then I'll be eating the free cake I received from KI today.
Anyone want some?
See ya in the game!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope all of you guys are enjoying this historic day in American history and are lucky enough to go out and enjoy some fireworks tonight!

Don’t forget to vote in the poll I put up!

Do you like to play Wizard101 with your real life friends and family?

Personally I play with a couple of my real life friends but other than that I play with all the other wizards in the spiral and make new friends every day.

Happy Fourth of July everyone and have a great day!

See ya in the game!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hint from KI? (updated!)

Ok, so I was logging into Wizard about twenty minutes ago when I noticed a picture of a monster that I didn't recognize.
At fist I thought, maybe its a monster from Avalon that I didn't remember or maybe it's from Wysteria. The thing is the picture in the background doesn't look like either of those worlds as far as I remember. I haven't finished Azteca yet but I'm pretty sure that picture has nothing to do with Azteca.
Is this a picture from a world that I'm forgetting? If so, please tell me in the comments.
If it's not form any world that we know, then is this a hint from KI as to what is to come?
See ya in the game!
I found another one... and another one!
Now I really don't recognize them... KI what are you up to? (and I don't know about you but I hear the faint cries of my pirates shouting "Aquila! Aquila!")
See ya in the game!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Forgotten Knowledge – part one

Hey everyone! So I was leveling my balance wizard, Scarlet, in Celestia when I happened upon a forgotten bit of knowledge that brightened up my day! Over the next few weeks I kept picking up lost bits of knowledge that I either didn’t know about or had learned and then forgotten. I’m going to start posting these bits of knowledge so everyone can be smart and save some time and maybe even some money. I might also post things that can just keep you safe around the spiral.


#1. You can craft teleporters!

If you want a brand new shiny teleporter then you probably only think of the teleporters in the crowns shop but there is another option.


Teleporters in the crowns shop cost 2500 crowns each or 9995 for six of them. That’s about $5 a teleporter!
But if you go to Gearwise in the Celestia Base Camp you can buy a teleporter recipe for 26880 gold!

“Why is that better if you’re spending more money Vanessa?”  

I’ll tell you why! It’s because the gold is fake in-game money! When you spend $5 dollars on crowns to buy a teleporter it’s like taking a $5 bill out of your wallet and handing it to KingsIsle. But when you spend gold you are not taking anything out of your pocket. Granted, you do have to be the right crafting level and either have a subscription or pay with crowns to get to Celestia. But if you are a wizard who has the ability to do this I say take advantage of the opportunity to save money!

Keep checking back for more forgotten knowledge!


See ya in the game!