Friday, November 12, 2010

Level 52

Yes, Celestia has been out for a while now and that is how far I’ve gotten. *hangs head in shame*

But the reason I have posted today is that I have found the glitch of the day! I was with my friend Isaac Skullmancer today and we were exploring my house when I accidentally clicked on my spell book and when I clicked out of it I saw this.

Yes I found the glitch this time, not my friend Sarah lol.

Well I’m off to the Stellarium to slowly work my way to level 53. *eyes widen at how much experience I need to level up*

See ya in the game!

p.s. I would like to welcome back Isaac Skullmancer to the spiral. Good to have you back Isaac!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The name says it all; Celestia is out on the test realm! I haven’t gotten very far yet but everything looks awesome! One of the first things I did was choosing the new secondary school I wanted. In the end I picked Star and I love the spells. (Even though I only have one right now)

In the end I know I will never get even close to getting at least half way done with the world before it goes live because I like to enjoy each areas (the truth is the game likes to disconnect me when I’m in the middle of battles and then I can’t see anything so I have to exit out of it and log back in :) But most of all I love the graphics. The whole underwater theme and the way they made it look is awesome.

I’m on the wrong computer right now so I can’t show you some of the really cool pictures I took (I’ll try and post some later) but I’m guessing most of you have already seen how awesome Celestia looks.

On a different topic, I don’t know if you heard but KingsIsle is releasing a double gift card for $39 at Gamestop. It says it's coming out on the 18th and I looked at what it gives you and I know I’m getting it! I copied and pasted what it gives you.

Gamestop $39 Double Card

GameStop $39 Prepaid Card coming 10/18/10 to most USA locations.

This Double Card comes with:

 a 1 Month Subscription at $9.95 or 5000 Crowns

 Fantasy Palace Castle

 Additional Castle Space Elixir*

 Minigame Kiosk Housing Item

 Gryphon Mount

 Ancient Spear of Power

 Epic Clothing Set

 Mystery Dueling Pet

*If you already have three houses on your character, you must claim this elixir before you claim the Castle!

How cool is that!? I’m going to be checking their gift card page everyday now until it comes out and then I’m going to make my mom take me to the mall to get one! lol

See ya in the game!

Monday, August 30, 2010

It's the little things that count.

When I started this post I was going to say something like, “Not much is happening right now.” Boy was I wrong.

I was looking through my pics and saw that a lot more has happened in the past few weeks than I had realized.

First: I had finished my Wayfinder outfit!


Second: My alt, Scarlet Goldenblood had finished Krokotopia,

and went to Marleybone!

She also got her Judgement spell!

Third: I found out that my brass golem does the robot when he dances.


Fourth: Vanessa finished the Mossback/Wavebringer/Oakheart side quest.
Fifth: My friend found the glitch of the day!

All the glitches happen on her account… no matter what computer she’s using :)

Well that’s about all for me.

See ya in the game!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

lvl 50, Malistaire, Celestia pre-quest... all in one week!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working hard on getting Vanessa to level 50 and getting done with malistaire. Just earlier this week I finally got to level 50 and just the next day I defeated Malistaire with another friend.

Thanks Kevin! I even got to cast the killing blow on Malistaire.

That was awesome. Best of all, I only had to throw my crowns in twice before I got my gm robe :)

Looks like I’m saying that! Well then, I guess I’ve gone over to the dark side with malistaire, lol;)

Just a little wile ago I got done at the warehouse, (wow that was difficult, I must have died at least four times on that last floor before the boss was finally killed) we started out with four wizards but then one had to leave, it was right before we killed the boss too   :( but we eventually won the battle.

Thanks Jonathan and Keira! (I never got the chance to write down the last guys name but I thank him too!)
Now I’m just going to finish up some side quests and then work on my alts. It’s hard to believe that I started this game a little more than a year ago, I want to thank all the people who helped me get this far and most of all I want to thank Kingsisle for creating this wonderful, fantastic, amazing game! You guys are awesome!

See ya in the game! (as a grandmaster:)

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Story

First: School’s out! My last day was yesterday and I’m pretty sure my school was the last one to get out this year but it’s still pretty cool knowing I have countless hours of playing Wizard 101 ahead of me, *sigh*

Second: I had decided to write a little story (ok maybe not so little) about Wizard 101. I’m not done with it yet but since the story is about the spiral, I thought I would post it on my blog. I’ve been having so much fun with this that the prologue alone takes up a page on a word document, lol. The story is about twin sisters and their adventures in the spiral. This story is in first person and takes place in three different "minds", so I wrote whomever’s "mind" it was next to the chapter (or in this case the prologue).
I hope you enjoy this story as much as I have.

*No title yet*

Prologue- Vanessa Iceblood

 I stood in the commons by Penny Dreadful who never seemed to move from that spot next to the headmaster’s house.

             “Are you sure?” Penny asked doubtfully.

             “Yes,” I sighed. “I’m sure. Will you do me a favor though?” Penny nodded. “Take care of Duke Dakota for me will you?” Penny nodded again, Duke Dakota, a cute little firezilla pet, stomped his feet and roared.

              Penny and I laughed, “As long as he isn’t a Cyclops disguised as a firezilla I’ll take him.” Penny laughed again even though it sounded off; everyone in Wizard City knew that Penny was allergic to Cyclops.

              What was all this drama about? Well, I was going home. I had defeated monsters, learned a lot about ice magic and even a little death magic too. I even became a Master of Ice. I had traveled the spiral and defeated Malistaire who was threatening to destroy Wizard City and even the whole spiral.

               I saved the spiral and I even had the help of my great friends along the way too. But now I was ready to go home. I had done what I was supposed to do and learned all that I needed to learn and now it was time for me to go home. I said goodbye to Penny and even some of my other friends like Fallon Scar. Fallon Scar was new to Wizard City but I had been her friend from the start. Other people said goodbye to me too, even people I didn’t even know, it was sad when a fellow wizard decided to go home but it was the wizard’s choice.

              Headmaster Ambrose came out of his house and said, “Ok Vanessa, we’re all ready.” Merle walked me through a door on the side of his house which led us into the spiral room. There was a copy of the spiral in the middle of the room with all the worlds swirling around. Gamma, the headmaster’s pet, was sitting on his perch as usual.

              “Are you ready Vanessa?” Gamma said looking unsure. It seemed that Gamma didn’t want me to leave either.

              NO! I thought desperately, but then mentally sighed and said, “Yes, I am.”

              It was true; I didn’t really want to leave. But I still felt like it was time for me to leave. It felt like it was time that someone took over; maybe it was going to be Fallon… or some other student. But either way I was going home. Merle told me to stand under the spiral and close my eyes, when I did Merle said some magic words and… poof! 


               I cautiously opened my eyes and I was back home in my room. I was on Earth again! My room looked the same, nothing had changed. I could tell something was wrong though. The annoying clock on my wall that always kept me up at night had stopped ticking. It can’t be broken, I thought.  Then, when I looked at the date on the computer and gasped. It was the same day, the day I was teleported to Wizard City to learn to be a wizard. But I had been gone for over a year! Then it occurred to me that time was just frozen and before I could panic again my clock stared ticking and I could hear my father down stairs yelling into his phone.

                Then I heard my mother say “Vanessa, dinner’s ready!”

                I ran down to dinner, to my family, to home.


               Vanessa lived like that for years, she grew up and when she was 22 and about to finish college, she was moving into a new house and she found her spell book in a dusty old box. Ambrose did this. Vanessa thought and she laughed to herself and put the book back into the box. Little did she know that that book and her twin 13 year old nieces were the beginnings of a way back to Wizard City and a new adventure all together.

See ya in the game!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So as far as I hear the pet expansion is online now! I can’t wait to get home and yet I can. *sigh* Here comes hours of leveling up pets and re-farming my Myth Sprite from Rattlebones *sigh* wish me luck.

Other than THE TOTALLY AWESOME PET EXPANTIONS, not much has been happening.

SO! I wish you all good luck with sitting hours with pets that never seem to level up.

See ya in the game!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Let me think...

Well lately I haven’t been reading Friendly’s blog (that’s where I go to see all the new news before I look at other peoples blogs) so I read all the posts that I missed over the last couple of days and it got me thinking. So the chances of anybody from KI seeing this are slim to none but I’m going to post it anyway.

I have one problem and one problem only with the pet expansions and it has to do with the hatching part of the expansion.

First, I hear that you can’t use gift card pets to make eggs, (plz tell me if I’m wrong) what’s up with that!?

Second, I think they should lower the price of hatching a pet just a little bit. Like instead of 70,000 to 80,000 gold to hatch, how about… 40,000 to 50,000 gold. Idk, I’m really low on gold right now on all of my characters so the price seems a little high. But still, it’s a little high either way don’t you think?

Third, the lvl 48pets, since I’m not a grandmaster myself and I don’t have any money I can’t tell you first hand. BUT, I have heard from other people and it seems to me that maybe the lvl 48 pets should be the ones you can’t hatch eggs from instead of the gift card ones, because what I hear is that if you do a mix of an ice lvl 48 pet and a fire lvl 48 pet and you have the ice student and the pet you get is fire, you can’t equip it so it’s practically useless unless you want to use it as a housing item. (btw the housing idea was genius! Who ever thought of it first is THE best!)

Forth, well… there is no fourth.

But! I do think after all the suggestions I’ve heard from other people and the fact that KI has been listing to all of this means that the pet expansions will be much better when they hit the live game.

See ya in the game!

Friday, April 30, 2010

pet's pet's pet's!

Ok so there I was, at school, it is Wednesday
I went on Friendly’s blog and all I see is that comic thing with the Celestia wallpaper.

And I don’t even go on the computer the rest of the day.

So there I was, at school, it is Thursday
I went on friendly’s blog and all over it is “The test realm is open” and “Look at this video!” Well because of the lack of headphones at my school I can’t watch the video until I get home and I had play practice after school that ran till five. But when I finally got home I downloaded the test realm (I didn’t have a subscription the last time the test realm was online) and while I was doing that I looked at the videos. So all I have to say about the pet expansions is,


That’s all there is to say, so the rest of the night I played Wizard 101 and forgot to post but…
Here I am, at school, it’s Friday
And I CAN’T WAIT for the pet expansions to go live.

See ya in the test realm!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm back!

Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while I’m writing from my school right now during free time on the computers and when I get home I will change my header. I just wanted to post about Ravenwood Radio last night. We DESTROYED the record for most people in the chat room. 103 people if I remember correctly. And I loved the nanamancer segment. But if I were to choose my favorite it would be the study hall. Those Ice students really represented the school. Well I gotta go to play practice now.

See ya in the game!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

School, headers, and other stuff

Hi everyone! It’s Sunday, I have school tomorrow. *sigh * Well at least I haven’t been getting much homework lately so it’s not that bad. I was talking to some of my friends yesterday on Wizard101 and some of them were saying they were still on spring break! Wow, my spring break ended weeks ago. Anyway! I have had this poll going on for a while and it ends on April 18, (my b-day!) it’s about my heading. I was wondering which one would look better. So I was messing around on my computer and if you decide to vote on my poll and you want to vote for the new header option, here is what it would look like.
I think it’s pretty cool. Some of you may ask, “Way isn’t there a fire wizard?!” Well the fact is that I don’t have a fire alt. The game only let’s you have a max of six wizards, or else I would have a fire alt. I guess fire is just not my school, I mean Ice is my main so it kind of makes sense. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t hate the fire school or anything but I guess it’s kind of like some people can not play a storm wizard because they think it’s hard or something, ya know? I just get a little bored with the fire school. Again don’t get me wrong I have lot’s of fire wizard friends but, *shrug* it’s just not my school.
By the way if you never saw my old header this is what it looked like.

See ya in the game!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Level up!

The most exciting thing that has happened to me in the last week is that my balance alt Scarlet Goldenblood has gotten to Krokotopia! AND she leveled up enough to wear the crowns gear I bought her.
Thats also her new pet! I wonder what kind of pet will come out of an egg if a krok was mixed in, hmm... Cool though huh? Well, not much else is happening to me. Has anyone else had something happen to them recently that they just want to tell everybody?

I’ve been having fun taking pictures around the spiral recently and here are some of them.

And here are some pictures that I took at the Ravenwood Radio after party in Nightside.

Somehow all the players got into a line while Stephen and Leesha answered questions lol. I found it kind of funny. By the way, have any of you noticed that Leesha tends to run around in circles? I don't know but it just seemed... different to me. *shrug*

Well that’s it for now.

See ya in the game!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Talk About Glitches!

Finally my friend re-downloaded Wizard101 and when she got on she decided to go to her house and it turns out when she was away some golems decided to take up residence in her dorm room.

Now is that a glitch or what? I thought it was pretty cool but I’m thinking my friend might want her room back don’t you think? But as of right now there are still golems in her dorm room so my friend will just have to share. Hope you all had a great April fools day, my mom was the only one who pranked me though *shrug*. Well back to helping my friend level up.
See ya in the game!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Stuff!

Ok, I know it’s a couple days late but there was a press release for wizard101 that I’m pretty sure all of you have heard about but in case you didn’t here is what it said.

Upcoming Wizard101 Expansions Include Seventh World and New Pet Capabilities

New world, advanced pet system and level cap increase included in two Wizard101 content updates

PLANO, TEXAS (March 24, 2010) – KingsIsle Entertainment, creators of the award-winning massively multiplayer online game (MMO) Wizard101 is proud to announce details on two of the major content updates for 2010. An extensive Advanced Pet system is launching this spring and the world of Celestia is launching late summer. In addition to all new quests the Celestia expansion will also include an increased level cap and new secondary schools of magic.

Coming this spring, players will have the opportunity to hatch customized pets from millions of potential combinations. The Advanced Pet system will bring a new dimension of interaction within Wizard101 as players can race their pets in the expansive Pet Derby, participate in new pet-themed minigames, feed and train them, and use them as allies in magic duels. Players will be able to level their pets from an egg to ancient beings with incredible powers.

The new world of Celestia is inspired by Atlantis, and young Wizards will encounter new adventures and quests deep under the sea. Celestia also increases the level cap in Wizard101 from level 50 up to level 60, as well as introducing three new secondary schools of magic. Celestia will officially open in late summer. Starting in June players can undertake new quests to discover the secrets of this new world and begin to unlock the story behind Celestia.

“2010 is shaping up to be an incredible year for the students of Ravenwood School of Magic,” said J. Todd Coleman, Vice President and Creative Director for KingsIsle Entertainment. “Whether exploring the underwater kingdom of Celestia, or hatching and training pets to participate in the Pet Derby, every player–from the newest apprentice to the returning grandmaster–will find something compelling, engaging and fun.”

Wow that’s long, but so awesome! The thing I can’t wait for is the new magic schools but unfortunately it just said secondary schools. The only thing I really don’t like right now is the level cap raise, but that’s just because Vanessa is so close to being a grandmaster and I can just imagine that the day before they do the update for the level cap raise Vanessa gets to grandmaster so the next day once again she will have to start leveling up again. But in the long run it will keep everyone busy for a wile.

So to go on to Celestia, it sounds really cool and it is going to be under water and an Atlantis theme. It says all new adventures so obviously new world, new quests. I just wonder what those quests are going to be about. I wonder if they’ll continue with malistaire or do something entirely different.
Now, the whole pet thing I’m not sure about yet, I mean it sounds really cool but I’m just wondering how there going to help us in combat. Also it says you get to feed them and that scares me a little because what if you forget to feed your pet, will it die, or will it just stop growing? I hope it will just stop growing because I don’t think my pet would live very long then lol. But overall it sounds… different. I can’t wait for the test realm to open so I can try out all this new stuff.
As for Vanessa and all my alts, nothing much is going on but my goal now is that Vanessa gets to grandmaster level before the update, which brings up another question, what will come after grandmaster, mega-grandmaster? That wasn’t a very good idea but if you have any better ones, leave me a comment.

See ya in the game!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Once again there isn’t much going on for me, Vanessa is stuck at the Tower of War because I’m too lazy to fill up my potion bottles right now so she’s waiting until (A) someone will help me or (B) I fill up the potion bottles and try and get through it. By the way if anyone knows how many floors the Tower of War has, please tell me so I know how long it will take. Personally I don’t think anyone will know off the top of their heads but if you do could you please leave a comment. The Tower of War is in Dragonspyre in the plaza of conquests and it’s part of The Art of War quest.(in case you were wondering) But anyway the reason for my title of this post is if any of you are wondering what it looks like to have wings and not see wings and just see sparkles well…

That’s what it looks like. It’s pretty cool but I still like seeing the wings. On another subject the $60 special is back! This happens about every month or so, so it’s not huge news unless your subscription is running out. That’s about it; I still have a boatload of homework to do so…

See ya in the game!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wizard 101 Announcement

If you haven’t seen it yet here is what is on the Wizard 101newsletter.

The thing that caught my eye is that if you didn’t notice the pet in third place is a crab and on his sash is the word Celestia.

What could this mean? I really don’t know but my guess is maybe our pets get to take us to Celestia instead of the usual world door, but that’s just a guess. Also the pet is a crab, so maybe some people will get their wish of having an underwater world. (I’ve seen a lot of posts like that) Again, just a guess.

As for me right now… I made it to Dragonspyre!!!!!!

There I am in my new outfit I bought (I’m waiting to get more gold so I can dye the outfit black and blue) standing next to Professor Drake and the portal key button you press to go to Dragonspyre.

It is so fun finally being in Dragonspyre and I can’t wait to get to level 50. (just 5 more levels!)

See ya in the game!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I got my wings!

Yes I know it’s a little late but I got on my other computer and I could actually see the wings and not just the sparkles so I spent some crowns and TA DA!

I got a pair of Seraph wings! They are so fun and totally worth the crowns. Up until now I hadn’t had a mount at all, but now I have a pair of wings and it’s so much fun going faster!

On another subject, I just defeated the Plague Oni!
I did attempt to defeat the Plague Oni before though. Attempt is the key word there. The first time I tried to defeat him I just had one more spell to cast and then my dad called “Breakfast is ready!” So I figured when I came back I would be standing there dancing. NOPE! Turns out that after I came back after eating I was standing where you usually stand after you get defeated in battle in Mooshu. I thought I must have fizzled. I tried to get back in the dungeon but when I did I had to basically do the whole dungeon over again. Well that was a couple of weeks ago so now I went back in with a friend and we worked together to defeat the Plague Oni! I forgot to take a screen shot, oops. But I swear I did it!

So the lesson to be learned? NEVER assume that you’re not going to fizzle. If you do disaster may strike!

Now off to working on leveling up my alt characters.

See ya in the game!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ravenwood Radio Tonight!

Tonight Ravenwood radio is doing their 10th episode! Like I have said before LOVE listing to Ravenwood radio and I hear that they have and interview with Fred Howard (Vice President of Marketing for KingsIsle Entertainment) I can’t wait!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Mounts!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much there just isn’t enough to talk about right now. Vanessa is still trying to get through Mooshu and all my other characters are in Colossus Blvd. Not much to talk about. But I did see the new wing mounts! They look so cool in the pictures. I didn’t get some because there’s some weird glitchy thing going on with my computer so all I see are the sparkles and not the wings. *shrug *

Anyway I like the way the crown gear looks. I think I might get some later before they go off sale…

*starts logging on to Wizard 101*

See ya in the game!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

$60 Special Ends

Today is the last day you can get the year subscription for only $60. The special ends at midnight central US time tonight. I got my subscription just in time.

On another subject…

One of my characters Natalie Deathblade wanted to say that. I’m not doing much today though besides going on Wizard 101 and leveling up Vanessa Iceblood. I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!

See ya in the game!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New game for the iPhone/iTouch!

Wow when I saw this I said, I want that! The Problem is… I don’t have the iPhone or the iTouch. I’ve been wanting one, but I already have an iPod, but I think this game was the final push to get me to start saving up money for an iTouch, I hear there are some glitchy problems with the iTouch, but the one my friend has works just fine. Anyways the game looks really cool and you get codes that you can use for Wizard 101 (gold, potions, stuff like that) which I think is pretty neat.

On another subject there have been a lot of snow storms lately so I don’t know how many of you got to stay home from school today but I got yesterday off so I had spent most of the day on Wizard 101 leveling up most of my alt characters. I didn’t post because I fell asleep on the couch watching TV. Ha ha, oops.

Well that’s about it, back to waiting for Ravenwood Radio to start. (love listing to Ravenwood Radio)

See ya in the game!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Vanessa has a new outfit!

Yay! Vanessa got her new outfit for Mooshu!

I like the Marleybone outfit better but this outfit has higher stats.

I like to use the school colors from both the main and secondary schools of my character. So my outfits for Vanessa are always light blue and black because my secondary school for Vanessa is death so I use the black from that school and the light blue from the ice school.

That’s about it.

See ya in the game!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

At Last!

I have finally gotten the grand piano housing item that I had been saving up for.

Yay! It cost a lot but I think it was worth it, and I also think it looks really cool in my Marleybone house.
So wile I was taking pics I ran around in Wizard City taking random pics with my Myth school girl Rachel Lightthief.
Looks like someones getting a new spell!

I even stood by Valentina Heartsong! I'm thinking about getting a wand from her, I don't know yet.

Rachel by the way has a cool reason behind her name. You see I’m a big fan of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series written by Rick Riordan, he by the way has a cool blog. Also there is a movie coming out soon that is based on the first book in the series The Lighting Thief (it comes out in theaters February 12, 2010) and that is where Rachel’s last name comes from. Her first name comes from the third, fourth, and fifth books. The characters’ name is Rachel Elizabeth Dare. And last Rachel’s school is myth because The Percy Jackson series is based on Greek Mythology. That is the reason behind the name!

See ya in the game!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ok I’ve gotten through this without hurting myself

Hello! My name is Vanessa Iceblood and I’m starting this blog to talk about all the things happening in Wizard 101. Wizard 101 is my favorite game, partly because it’s one of the only games that you can sign up for that doesn’t take forever, but mostly because it’s really fun and anyone can play it. I’ll mostly be expressing my thoughts and opinions so if you don’t agree just leave a comment. None of my other friends play Wizard 101 but one is getting a computer soon so she will start playing shortly! I don’t have much time but I will try to post once or twice a week. Bye!