Monday, August 30, 2010

It's the little things that count.

When I started this post I was going to say something like, “Not much is happening right now.” Boy was I wrong.

I was looking through my pics and saw that a lot more has happened in the past few weeks than I had realized.

First: I had finished my Wayfinder outfit!


Second: My alt, Scarlet Goldenblood had finished Krokotopia,

and went to Marleybone!

She also got her Judgement spell!

Third: I found out that my brass golem does the robot when he dances.


Fourth: Vanessa finished the Mossback/Wavebringer/Oakheart side quest.
Fifth: My friend found the glitch of the day!

All the glitches happen on her account… no matter what computer she’s using :)

Well that’s about all for me.

See ya in the game!