Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wizard101 Story Chapter Two

Chapter 2 - Maria

The page I opened up to was a map. It showed what looked like a floating island. At the top of the map were the words Wizard City. But the weird part was that the map lifted off the page like a hologram and expanded so it was 3D.

“Cool,” I said and put my hand through the map. I laughed at my sisters face, she looked like she was going to faint. “Oh, lighten up Sophie, it’s not going to reach out and grab you.”

“Aunt Vanessa will be here soon, let’s go.”

“Wait,” I said. I looked at the bottom corner of the map, there were two different pictures, one of four arrows, and another of a house. I reached out to touch the one that had the arrows.

“Wait,” Sophie said grabbing my arm, but it was too late.

The arrows glowed and I was literally sucked into the book. Swirling colors were all around me as I went at light speed until it all stopped at once and I fell onto a cobblestone floor. Well a road to be more specific. I had landed in what looked like a small courtyard. There were small buildings that looked like houses around me. Off to my left was a small pond. And to my right was a dark tunnel leading to who knows where. The area was swarming with people running back in fourth or just strolling along. Most of them looked my age or a little older. I stood up carefully not realizing that there was a flying sparkle barreling towards me.

“Watch out dear!” It shouted. I didn’t have time to react. I was too stunned that the thing could talk.

SMACK! I fell to the ground with a thud. I felt like someone had thrown a doge ball at my head.

“Ouch,” I murmured. I looked up to see who (or what would be more like it) ran into me. “Grandma?” I asked.

“Oh dear, I’m so sorry. I must have hit you hard.”

In front of me was what must have been a replica of a stereotypical American grandma only ten times smaller. And she had… wings? “What are you, the tooth fairy?”

Grandma’s sweet and apologetic smile melted into a deep frown. “Excuse me? Everyone knows not to compare me to my half sister!” She looked me over. “What on Wizard City are you wearing?”

“Wizard… City?”

“I’m taking you straight to Ambrose,” Grandma grabbed my ear with her tiny hand and yanked it hard.

“Ow!” She started pulling me towards one of the bigger houses. This one even had its own courtyard. I was dragged through some gates and up to the door. Just as Grandma pulled me through the doorway I heard my sister’s voice.

“Maria! Where are you?”

“Sophie, help!” A wooden door shut in my face, shutting me out from my sister.
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wizard101 Story Chapter One - Part Two

Good Morning! I hope you enjoy chapter one – part 2 of Wizard101 Story.

Chapter one (part two) - Sophia

“Ow!” I shouted.

“Shh!” Maria put her hand over my mouth. “Do you want us both to get caught?” she hissed. I shook my head and Maria pulled her hand away.

“So if you say it’s ok to be up here, then how can we get caught?” I asked.

Maria sighed and said, “Fine, we’re not supposed to be up here, ya happy? But I still want to look around, so be quiet.”

I did what she said, I always did what she said, I didn’t like it but what else was I going to do, yell for Aunt Vanessa and then we both get in trouble? No way, so I just stayed quiet and looked around.

“Hey, look at this,” I heard Maria on the other side of the attic. I ran over to her again and saw another box.

“So?” I said looking around, we had been up here for a while and Aunt Vanessa would start looking for us soon.

“Have you noticed the dust up here? It’s all over the boxes, but not this one, it’s like she opened it recently or something,” Maria said like it was the most interesting thing in the world, but I had a bit more logic than her.

“Or, she could have put the box up here not to long ago and it’s nothing important. What did you expect to find anyway?” Maria rolled her eyes (she did that a lot in case you haven’t noticed).

“Ya know you always ruin my fun. Why can’t you just have an adventure every once in a while and what I expect to find up here is something to entertain me so I don’t have to listen to you get all ‘as a matter of fact’ on me,”  Maria was so short tempered.

“So what’s in the box?” I asked. Maria opened the box and the only thing that was in there was…

“It’s just an old book” Maria said, clearly disappointed. I felt like saying ‘I told you so’ but then I noticed something. The book didn’t have a title on it but instead there was a big spiral on the front.

“Hey Maria, doesn’t that book look like the spell book that Aunt Vanessa describes in her stories?”

“Yeah, so?” Maria asked.

I shrugged, “Just thought I’d mention it. Now can we get back downstairs? I’m starting to get a bad feeling.”

“Just hold on a second, I want to look at something,” Maria opened the book and what we saw was something I thought only existed in Aunt Vanessa’s stories.
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wizard101 Story Chapter One - Part One

Hello fellow wizards and pirates!

So more than a year ago I made a small (well not really small… it was rather long actually) post that contained a new story I was writing. I never posted more of the story afterwards because of timing issues and I never got around to it. I have a relatively light homework load this weekend and I was able to revise the next few chapters that I wrote in the story. Over the next few days I’ll slowly be posting the chapters in parts. So if you get bored often and like to read stories for fun (or just like to read stories for fun) then you have come to the right place! I’m just calling it Wizard101 Story right now for lack of a better title.
Leave a comment if you like the story or if you have some constructive criticism for me. It would be greatly appreciated. :)  

Happy holidays and enjoy!

Chapter 1 (part one) - Sophia

I looked around the attic nervously. “Maria, are you sure?” I said, I noticed my voice was shaky and I tried to sound braver, “W-we shouldn’t b-be up here.” so much for sounding brave.

I was talking to my twin sister, Maria, she looked the same as me except for our hair, and hers was black while mine was blond, but other than that we looked the same. Our personalities were a whole different story. Maria was bold and brave, she didn’t care what other people thought and she always did stuff she wasn’t supposed to do… and she never got caught. I was not like my sister, the opposite really, I was shy and I was always wondering what people thought, and I never did anything I wasn’t supposed to do.

Maria rolled her eyes, “I’m sure Aunt Vanessa doesn’t mind, she said we could look around a little.”

“Yeah, but I just think she meant the bedrooms we’re going to be staying in.”

Our parents were going on a vacation for the month and they left us with our loving aunt. Aunt Vanessa was cool, seriously cool. She let us stay up late, let us eat almost whatever we wanted and she always told us some made up stories about a magical place called The Spiral where talking dogs, salamanders, cows, bears, and many more creatures lived. There were also wizards, aunt Vanessa claimed that she once was a wizard but we all knew she was just kidding around. She talked about going around the spiral with all her friends working together to defeat the most evil person of all, Malistaire. When she had finally told us she and her friends had defeated him we had jumped up for joy and started running around screaming in excitement, Aunt Vanessa had gotten a kick out of that one.

But that had been years ago when we had been about six or seven years old, now we were 13 and we still liked staying up late listening to her stories but we stayed just a bit calmer whenever something exciting happened.

But either way, I thought it was just a little rude to be snooping around in Aunt Vanessa’s attic without her knowing.

“We w-won’t touch anything t-though, right?” I asked nervously.

Maria rolled her eyes again and sighed, “No miss perfect! I will not touch any of this really dusty junk.” Maria was using her high pitched little girl voice which basically meant she was going to do whatever she wanted, which is what she did already so it didn’t really make a difference. I sighed in defeat. Maria was dead on about the attic being dusty though. I knew Aunt Vanessa hadn’t lived in this house long but judging by the amount of dust I could tell she didn’t come up to her atic very often.

There was mostly moving boxes and that was about it. The only light we had though was coming from the door that was in the floor of the attic where there had been a ladder that had unfolded and we climbed up from the hallway.

              “Hey, I found something,” Maria said and I rushed over to my sister but then she made a noise. “Ugh, it’s just a flashlight, well, at least we can see now.” My sister turned the flashlight on… and it shined right in my eyes.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Catch Up and Contests

Hello Everyone!

A lot has happened to me in the Wizard101 world since I last posted. For one, I reached level 80! Those last few Avalon dungeons could really drain you. I thankfully met some really nice wizards along the way and we were able to help each other get through those last dungeons.

That Young Morganthe battle was particularly difficult with only two wizards. If you did any damage at all it was a small victory. :)

I’ve only just started Azteca and I can tell that it will be much more difficult than Avalon from a soloist’s point of view. I’ve had a couple of friends ask me to help them with some Azteca bosses and their heath is crazy! The first mob fight in Azteca has over 3,000 health!

After Avalon and before I started Azteca I began probably one of the most challenging quests that KingsIsle ever made (without meaning to). I am on a quest for the perfect pet. I’m starting from scratch and I’ve narrowed down my most desirable pet abilities to spell-proof, spritely, unicorn, pain giver, and Sharp shoot. I swapped the more desired “spell defying” for “sharp shoot” as spell defy was the only talent that one of my pets hasn’t manifested yet. I haven’t had too much luck yet getting a pet with at least two of my desired abilities but I’m working on it.

Last I would like to bring to your attention all the contests and giveaways that KingsIsle and their fan sites are having.

Second is all the KI fan sites that will be giving away prizes throughout December.
The first rounds of contests have already finished on some sites but there will be plenty more to come. :) Good luck to all in wining some holiday goodies!
See ya in the game!