Thursday, August 23, 2012

Part Two Companions

The next question I had before I started playing Pirate101 was can we choose our companions?
Yes and no. When you are creating your character you get asked questions that determine what kind of animals you get as your companions. So in a way, yes. All your other companions (as far as I know) are the same ones that everyone else gets. So in a way, no.
What I was thinking though was that it would be cool if you came to a point in the storyline where you can choose one out of two or three characters to become your companion. But as far as I know, that isn’t an option. It would be cool though! :)

The last question I had was very simple but since I hadn’t played the game it was a mystery to me.
Will our companions be a big or small part of our adventure?
The answer is big. Very big! One companion is with you constantly if you choose for them to be (you could have your pet standing next to you instead) and when you go through your quests they speak with you and make comments. Some of their comments can be funny. :)

That’s about all I have. I hope I answered someone’s questions or cleared something up. I’ll post about ship to ship combat tomorrow or the next day. School homework is already starting to pile up for me. But I will find time for Pirates any day!

See ya in that game!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pirate101 Screenshots

I never had the time to post about me having a beta key because I was too busy having fun with the game! … Ok the real reason is that I was either,

A.) Too lazy


B.) Getting ready for the school year/marching band.

But having fun with the game is definitely C.)

Plus all I would have told you is that it was awesome and… well that’s it. So no point right? Well now there is a point! The NDA was officially lifted a couple days ago and today there were some updates today. So there are some shiny new things for us beta testers to… well test. But I took the time to take some screen shots so I could post them for the people who just devour any information about Pirate that they can and don’t care if something gets spoiled. But I promise you I didn’t take anything that I found a spoiler. I believe a spoiler would include someone telling the entire plot of your pirate’s adventure. The story in my opinion is a large part of what makes the game fun. So no spoilers. Before I got my beta key a lot of mystery that I wanted cleared up before I started the game was surrounding the companions and ship vs. ship battles.

Today I’m going to clear up the companions. There a lot of people explaining the companions now so if you still don’t get something I’m sure if you do some digging you will find a nice article someone wrote somewhere. Really I didn’t have too many questions but the ones I did have drove me nuts.

(Question one ended up being longer than anticipated so I will post question two either later today or tomorrow)

1.) Do I train my companions?

Yes! You level them up just like you level up. Only instead of them getting xp from quests you give them something called training tombs.

This is a picture of your basic Companion Management window. It shows a list of your companions and what level they are. See the white number in the lower right corner of each companion’s picture? That’s their level!  See the percentages underneath that? As far as I understand that’s the percentage that that companion will enter a battle with you. Those symbols to the left of that? That tells you what school your companion is from. The red knife is buccaneer. The purple rose is swashbuckler. The green mask is witchdoctor. And the orange gun is musketeer. I don’t have a privateer yet but my best guess would be a spyglass with the color of blue or yellow. But I have no idea at this point in time.

The blue/black bar at the bottom right of the window shows you how close your companion is to leveling up. When you press the green train button it will fill the bar up some more. To the left of the train button is the number of training tombs you have left. I have three right now and you get more training tombs each time you level up. You can also buy tombs from a vendor.
This is another picture of the Companion Management screen only now I have my mouse hovered over one of my companion’s pictures. This shows you some things I just told you about. It also shows you their name and their stats. If you want to see their talents and powers (the Pirate101 equivalent of Wizard101’s spells) you click on what looks like a little brown piece of wood with an arrow at the bottom of the picture of the companion you have clicked on. It will show you stats again as well.
I’m sure there’s more that I forgot but I don’t want to try to spell out everything.
I will leave you with a picture of Silent Belle Quincy, the first pirate I ever created. She is a level eleven Swashbuckler. :)
See ya in the game!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AMD Beta Key Giveaway

Today AMD posted a link on Facebook about getting another chance at a beta key. I would strongly recommend doing this if you want a key! All you have to do is like them and give them your name and e-mail. It’s that easy!

Here’s the link.

In the comments section I saw a comment that made me think, why didn’t I think of that! So today I will be signing off with a quote from one of my favorite book series ever.

May the odds be ever in your favor! :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pirate101 Beta Testing Opens!

Hey everyone! If you haven’t gotten the news yet… the beta testing for Pirate101 has started! I’m so excited. Like most, I unfortunately did not get a key today. :( But if you are like me do not lose hope! KI will be giving more keys away over the next days and weeks.

If you want/need more info I suggest using their facebook page which is where I get most of my information.

I wish you all luck in being one of the chosen ones. :) And if you already are than I (like many others) am very jealous.

See ya in the game! (well, if I ever get a key) :)