Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Level 70 Gear

New level 70 gear is in the crowns shop now. Unfortunately none of my wizards are 70 yet but by the looks of these outfits, I think I'm going to pass. The first time I looked at the gear I just looked at the ice. But then I looked at all the others and I think ice got a bit of a rip off. It seems that all the other gear has some sort of damage boost except for ice. Now this might be because ice gets universal resistance and crit block. That would make sense. But after looking at the overall gear I think I'm going to continue working towards the level 66 crafting gear. I personally don't see an upside to the new gear.

 The one thing that I really loved about this small "update" was the new axe.

(it seems there was a small glitch with the moon beam pic:)

I can't wait until Vanessa gets to level 70 so I can get that axe.

The crown shop also added new transformations. I personally don't spend my real money on a 60 minute transformation but when I was on the test realm I really liked the dark fairy transformation.

What's your opinion on the new gear? Do you see an upside to the ice gear or the gear in general that I missed? What about the transformations? Do you like the axe as much as I do?

See ya in the game!

Monday, January 23, 2012

It's almost been a year

Hello, has it almost been a year from my last post already?

Well I guess I can start with a quick update on a few of my wizards.

First off Vanessa has not reached level 70 yet but is working very hard in the wonderful world of Zafaria. I'm very happy that KI came out with a safari theme this time.

Next is Scarlet who is at level 48 now and is working on leveling up her new hydra pet to adult.

The rest of my wizards are in various worlds in the spiral right now all trying to get some crafting quests done.

Now for the reason why I'm posting again.

First, I missed posting.

Second, I missed posting.

There's not much to talk about at the moment but I am going to try to post more often and about all the awesome updates that KI is coming out with lately.

And today I will leave you with a picture of Scarlet casting the Hydra spell with her new Hydra pet.

See ya in the game!