Sunday, April 11, 2010

School, headers, and other stuff

Hi everyone! It’s Sunday, I have school tomorrow. *sigh * Well at least I haven’t been getting much homework lately so it’s not that bad. I was talking to some of my friends yesterday on Wizard101 and some of them were saying they were still on spring break! Wow, my spring break ended weeks ago. Anyway! I have had this poll going on for a while and it ends on April 18, (my b-day!) it’s about my heading. I was wondering which one would look better. So I was messing around on my computer and if you decide to vote on my poll and you want to vote for the new header option, here is what it would look like.
I think it’s pretty cool. Some of you may ask, “Way isn’t there a fire wizard?!” Well the fact is that I don’t have a fire alt. The game only let’s you have a max of six wizards, or else I would have a fire alt. I guess fire is just not my school, I mean Ice is my main so it kind of makes sense. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t hate the fire school or anything but I guess it’s kind of like some people can not play a storm wizard because they think it’s hard or something, ya know? I just get a little bored with the fire school. Again don’t get me wrong I have lot’s of fire wizard friends but, *shrug* it’s just not my school.
By the way if you never saw my old header this is what it looked like.

See ya in the game!

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Heather Raven said...

I love your new banner! Super cool. :D