Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wizard101 Story Chapter Three

Chapter 3 - Vanessa
           “Maria… Sophia? Time for dinner!” I called. No response. I hadn’t heard Maria throw a fit for half an hour so something was either very good or very bad. “Maria?” I tried again. I headed up the stairs. “Please tell me that you didn’t try to stuff your sister down the laundry chute again. I thought you two grew out of that kind of-”
            I expected something to be wrong, but not to this extent. The ladder that unfolds and leads into the attic was down and I saw a faint light coming from it. I climbed the ladder quickly and found a flashlight shining onto an empty cardboard box… and no girls.
            I picked up the flashlight and used it to search the attic for any evidence as to where my nieces were hiding. But once the light found my spell book open on the floor I knew the girls weren’t hiding at all.
            It had been years since I had let myself look at the yellowed pages of the spell book that Headmaster Ambrose had given me when I was my nieces’ age. The spiral on the front still glowed with the magic that enchanted the book. I flipped through the pages that still told me my school, level, health, accuracy, etc. When I flipped to the page that contained a map of Wizard City I saw that the commons button had been recently used as the timer was still counting down from sixty.
            Dread filled me. I closed my eyes and tried hard not to panic. I should have never of kept my spell book. Especially since I had two curious kids in my house. I waited for the timer to finish counting down to zero and without a moment’s hesitation I touched the commons button and felt myself plunge through the spiral.
            I landed on my feet with no problem. Like riding a bike I thought to myself. To say that something had changed would be an understatement. Of course things were just as bright and happy as they had been when I left but if you asked me there were at least twice as many kids and adults running around the commons. Wizard City had become popular. It wasn’t just that though. When I looked out across the pond I saw a new tunnel leading to who knows where. Before I could try to make out the words that were written above the tunnel I was almost run over by a lamb with a… was that a rickshaw?
            “Sorry!” The wizard who was in the rickshaw yelled back at me as he disappeared into the Ravenwood tunnel. What had happened around here when I was gone?
             Maria and Sofia were still my priority and thankfully Headmaster Ambrose’s office hadn’t seemed to have moved since I’d left. I made my way past shouting wizards and vendors who had spilled out from the Shopping District looking for some poor wizard to sell their cheap goods to (everyone knew that if they wanted to find anything good they went to the Bazaar). The noise was familiar and yet completely strange. The sounds of pet dragons and piggles reminded me of mid-day classes when our pets would get hungry and didn’t want to listen to Professor Greyrose drone on about the different types of snowflakes. But the increased noise threw me off. This wasn’t the home I had lived in for a year when I was a kid. When I approached the door to Headmaster Ambrose’s office I didn’t hesitate to open the door and much to my relief when I opened the door I found not only Headmaster Ambrose and my old ice professor but also Sofia and Maria.
             “Uh oh,” Maria said.
             “Vanessa?” Ambrose asked.
             “Sophia,” I sighed. “Why are you all wet?”
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