Sunday, August 4, 2013

Poll Results and a New Poll

Hello everyone!

So the poll has closed and the results are in!

According to my data… Sun is the best astral school! Only one comment from a reader and they were in favor of the star school.

“I think Star is the best, because Sun is too mainstream, and there's a Star spell for everything.

Damage: Amplify

Accuracy: Infallible

Resistance: Fortify

Pips: School aura/Empowement*

Critical: Vengeance

Block: Conviction

Outgoing Healing: Mend

Spell Piercing: Infallible

Stun Resistance: Conviction

*not all school Auras give extra power pip chance.”

-Pirates in the Sky

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Personally I’m a fan of the sun school because of the increased damage cards.

I noticed that the Moon school got no votes! I can see why but I do have a few friends who like to use Polymorph Treant every now and then (very useful if there’s no life wizard in a group).

Ok! This next poll is a question that I like a lot.

Which world has the best story line? You don’t see your favorite storyline? Tell me what yours is in the comments below!

I look forward to seeing the poll results in a couple weeks!


See ya in the game!

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