Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Wizard101!

Hey everyone!

School has started… so during the week I won’t be as involved with the 101 games as I was during the summer. But this morning I checked my e-mail and found out it was Wizard101’s 5th birthday!

I’m so excited! Why? Because I got some awesome presents!

So it looks like the presents that players receive depend on when they created their account. This made me very excited because I had created my account in July of 2009 which was less than a year since the game had been released! I had to wait to receive all my gifts though. So I patiently waited and when I checked back I found this in my gift box. (The hatching elixir was from something else)

A permanent mount!?!? How did they know I wanted a new mount? :) It looks really cool too! Mounts usually run anywhere from $10 to $30 in real world cash in the crowns shop and to get one for free!?!?
I did some research and found this page. Ta da! It looks like a very select group of players got these mounts which I think is cool!

I also received this very cool statue that shoots out confetti! :)

This statue also looks like it was only available to certain players while the rest got different versions of the same statue.

This is a very good day indeed my friends! Happy birthday Wizard101! May there be many more to come!


See ya in the game!

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