Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thank You for Reading

Hey guys!

I’m hoping everyone is enjoying this time of giving thanks. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank anyone who reads this blog and anyone who supports KingsIsle’s community in general. Everyone is always so kind and generous and I’m proud to be a part of it. :)

In other news, the results from my last poll are in!

The question was “Which world had the best story line?” The results are as follows:

One vote for Wizard City
Zero votes for both Celestia and Grizzleheim
TWO votes for Marleybone!

My vote goes to Grizzleheim but that’s probably a bit biased as I am an ice wizard. :) I do love Marleybone as well though. I adore the Sherlock Holmes theme. I own the entire Sherlock Holmes collection and I love to catch the references as I journey through that world. And Wizard City is a classic. It’s the world where we first discover our powers as a wizard and our destiny to defeat Malistaire. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that it would be someone’s favorite.

The next poll is about something rather new and exciting.

“What is your opinion on shadow magic?”

I gave a few potential answers but if my suggestions do not express the excitement (or lack thereof) you have for shadow magic, then leave your own opinion in the comments below! :)

Again, thank you for reading this blog; I hope you enjoy it. And thank you KingsIsle for creating these wonderful games that we all share a passion in playing.

See ya in the game!

P.S. KI says thank you too but they say it in the form of free stuff! Be sure to check the launchers in Wizard101 and Pirate101 for KI’s thank you gifts! :)

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